“MJ” by AC_Scott is a Magnificent Rap Track in SoundCloud

Music is the only thing that gives no pain when it hits you. Music has become the way of life for most of us. In any form, style and in voice of any singer, music is the most appealing pastime and your best friend both in work and leisure. SoundCloud music gala is the pioneering music streaming site that has evolved the as the open stage for the aspiring artist from across the world. The one genre that has gained utmost attention is hip hop and rap music genre. This season one artist named Ac Scott made a grand entry in the virtual gala with his track “MJ”. Music enthusiasts for witnessing the magic of the new star, log on to SoundCloud without giving a second thought.

Scott belongs to Pittsburg, his birthplace but has been raised in Delaware where he nurtured his music skills. Scott is a brilliant rapper and with his debut track “MJ” he is proving it. The track MJ is an outstanding composition with beautiful lyrics. Through this track, Scott dedicates his love to the legendary persona Michael Jackson. The track depicts that Scott is the biggest admirer of MJ and he is the one who inspires him. The true blend of feet tapping beats powered with the introspective lyrics makes the track more alluring.

Although Scott is a new comer in the music industry, but with his debut track he is giving all the reasons to his fans to play the track over and over again,. If Scott continuers to compose such track he’ll soon reach the peak of success and fulfill his dreams to become young Jackson. Music fans if you are a fan of Michael Jackson you will surely love this track that will once more revive your memories about the legendary star but of course in Scott’s style.