Quick Thoughts on Microsoft Shuttering Kinect

Today Microsoft announced that it is going to stop manufacturing the Kinect, which I’m proud to have played a role in helping launch in the UK.

The Kinect was an insanely powerful gadget, and briefly the fastest selling piece of consumer electronics of all time, it was damned by being hard to develop for and to an extent because before it had time to reach its potential attention had moved on to the next thing.

So much more could have been done with the Kinect — not just to produce games but to develop new and engaging tech experiences (that sensor in an iPhone X is essentially a mini-Kinect).

But in the end it didn’t solve a real customer problem. It was born for the wrong reason.

Today, a huge amount of money and effort is going into voice tech, in the vain hope that we’ll one day add items to our shopping list with our voices rather than just click or go to the store.

It feels like following trends rather than solving problems again. We see this again and again with VR, blockchain, smartwatches.

People ask when the next great leap forward in tech is going to be. I say it’ll be when we get back to solving customers actually have rather than just chasing trends.