Kotlin’s a great language for JSON
Jesse Wilson

Thank you for such useful information. Kotlin really has great advantages.

  1. Less code

As noted earlier, Java is already a little outdated and with every update, it becomes harder to introduce new features. Proceeding from this fact, the amount of required code also increases. Kotlin’s architecture was created from scratch, and this led to a lack of a layer architecture.

  1. Simple Learning Curve

Any software developer can easily learn and use Kotlin. This is due to the fact that Kotlin is used in the Java library, therefore it depends on Java in many cases. Kotlin tends to be an enhancement of Java, so the majority of skills acquired throughout learning Java can be easily applied to Kotlin projects.

Furthermore, according to the reviews of developers, Kotlin is very similar to Scala. The primary Java compiler and code use for Javac and JVM.

  1. IDE interoperability

Kotlin provides powerful support for productivity enhancing. It’s highly compatible with IDEs, so refactoring, debugging, searching, and unit testing are very easy to perform.

  1. Backward compatibility

Kotlin has a backward compatibility with Java 6 and 7 as well as an incremental compilation feature in a Gradle plug-in.

Kotlin was, and always will be, focused on pragmatism; searching for common problems faced by developers while writing code, and trying to solve them.

I want to share with you this article where you’ll find more intresting information about Kotlin and it’s advantages. Have a look!

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