Fun fact: remember that site with the 107 second load time? Well, it has an automated performance measurement and reporting system that records the load time, with screenshots, for all pages on the site, at different network speeds, with and without AdBlock, and emails the results to the whole company, every week. It’s been like this for years. And still … 107 seconds.
Measuring web performance; it’s really quite simple
David Gilbertson

😂 As well-meaning as these sorts of notifications and dashboards often are, it’s so important to give notification threshold behaviour some meaningful thought — it’s such a skill of our information overload culture and can really affect getting attention on the real issues. What are our goals, what metrics really count as a degradation of service, and how much notice do we need or want? Who is the right person to care about this particular type of warning (hint: it’s not the whole company)?