Kris, thank you so much for sharing your story about Marcus.
Danna Colman

I related so much to this in so many ways. Thank you, Danna Colman. As soon as I realized how strong the bond was with Marcus, I did the exact same thing. THE EXACT same thing. People would often mention, “I cannot imagine the day that Marcus leaves.” Well — it’s here.

Coming into a situation and being able to see how it can be improved or what needs to change is what makes me great at consulting. I can look at the most perfect anything and find a way to improve it.

However, that can also get in the way of being in the moment. What I remind myself of often is to see something as perfectly imperfect. That began to include the unfair fact that at some point the inevitable would happen and there would be a time without Marcus.

Thank you so very much for sharing this. I thought I was the only one who did this so very often with his furry kiddo. Now go give Georgia some nosnuggles! :)

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