Wiping the tears.

MERITA, you are spot on — there is no way I would have dreamed of describing it like that 48 hours ago. The part of allowing them to pass peacefully at home is key in how I feel in this moment. I am heartbroken but also at a strange peace. Everything about it was perfect — no guilt and knowing that Marcus was so comfortable just does my ‘in-this-moment-because-I-want-him-back-selfish” heart so much good.

When I first read your response, I thought, “Wow — how has she gone through this three times.” I was barely in a condition to read comments yesterday. I was talking to someone earlier of exactly THIS — I have so much more comfort knowing what the process will be like for the other rescue kiddos. It’s a strange comfort of it all.

Thank you so much, I admire your strength.


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