The Ugly Truth About Being an Entrepreneur
Larry Kim

To be an entrepreneur is to live, breath, love, and be connected at the soul to your venture. It becomes an extension of you.

Larry Kim, I am wondering if you’ve seen/experienced when the investors come in and founders that are so connected to the business just have such a hard time letting go of control and in many cases the overall direction of their ‘baby.’ I have found that many of them are just not prepared for what that is like — emotionally and otherwise.

Take the Day Off — You’re Your Own Boss

When I hear this, I sometimes just want to verbally punch someone. I know you get that.

When you venture out, you have more bosses than ever before and it’s not nearly as easy to just ‘take the day off.’ Part of it comes down to logistics. Part of it comes down to the connection I mentioned above.

Your new bosses are your co-founders, co workers, clients, investors, suppliers or anyone else that you depend on and depends on you for success.

This is another misconception that I find many others have with the dream of ‘doing your own thing.’

Fantastic piece and on point!