I’ll never complain of boredom with you

Kris Gage
Kris Gage
Jul 3, 2017 · 2 min read

Because I want it to be “boring,” and entertainment ain’t your job

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“Mutual Feeling,” artist Bumblebeelovesyou

I hear people break up over shit like “boredom.” I hear they approach other human beings expecting “entertainment” of them, and I hear they break hearts over bullshit and disillusion.

Reason #1: You’re not here to entertain me any more than I’m here to entertain you

We are not put here to “amuse” each other.

You’re a person and I’m a person and we both live our own lives. If I’m bored in life that’s on me, not you, and I would never make it your problem to fix something that’s my problem first to solve.

If I want novelty, I can look in other places besides love. And I guess I’d ask the same of you.

Reason #2: Good relationships should feel a little “boring”

If I’m correct in understanding this pervasive idea of “boredom” is just “sameness” or “routine,” then to that I have to laugh a little in response.

Because, like, lol child — consistency is what I want.

If you want to chalk it up as “boring,” I mean… you do you. But I will happily take a little boredom if I what I get back is the same exact person day to day.

Now, if you want to mix it up by bringing home the occasional surprise? Adorable. You want to do something different this weekend? Awesome. Want to try something new in bed — totally cool.

But don’t come at me crazy just because Cosmo called it “passion;” don’t throw a monkey wrench in just to “switch it up;” do not create distractions from my real day to day.

And mostly don’t make the chase your routine. Don’t make your life — and me — about a continuous scramble for amusement.

Reason #3: *You* are not boring

And never could be.

You think it looks boring to like doing the same things, eating the same foods, drinking the same drinks, going to the same places? I don’t give a fuck.

What I care about is how you think and act. You think it’s lame not to have cool hobbies; then pick one up, but I don’t care. I think “cool hobbies” pale in comparison to “cool thought” and “cool demeanor.”

You intrigue me deeply on better levels, and I’d happily take what looks like “same” but is secure and smart and solid over spastic and shallow any day.

And if you think I’m playing, lol, aiight… then bore me a little. Try me. I’m only going to like you more.

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