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It’s like you didn’t even read, bud.

From my article, “the problem” is:

“If we do not care about and respect each other in bed, when we are at our most intimate, then we do not care about and respect each other at all. If we are selfish with each other when we are both at our most vulnerable, then we are selfish in our love overall.”

Also from my article, the problem is “resolved” when we:

“Enter with in-tact self-esteem. We go in wanting to give, not take — and not at the cost of our own self-worth, but in alignment with it.”
“Be present. Be kind. Be empathic. Be generous, not selfish. Be compassionate, not consuming. Just be mindful.”

And your suggestion that I have “too much respect for authority” literally makes me laugh. Absolutely nobody in my life, myself especially, would suggest I have this problem. If anything, it is entirely the opposite.

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