This was a thoughtful piece of writing that has provoked much discussion within my circle.
Ted Andrews

Ted Andrews, you asked:

“Why would you want someone to take part in an event/activity that you know they don’t like (in this case the car show)?… its easy to attend something like a car show when you don’t like it, but it’s hard not to stand around looking bored after 30 minutes or so.”

It’s only hard if you forget why you’re there, and make it about yourself instead of your partner (and your love for them.)

I do countless things with my partner that I wouldn’t otherwise be interested in — including but not limited to pop punk concerts and autocross races, the latter of which can easily go on for an entire day.

Even though I wouldn’t normally be interested in these, I’m interested while there because I’m doing it with him. I can’t feel bored, because all I have to do is glance over at him and see how happy he is to be there — and have me there experiencing it, too.

“Doesn’t the same logic apply to this case as applies to your perfectly sensible points about children or pressing others to marry/not marry?”

Come now. Surely you realize that a car show is different than a kid.

Passively participating in something that last a few hours is a little different than finding yourself the parent of a human person.