WHY is Best.

Discovering my WHY and delivering it through my HOW and WHAT

On a long drive down the Houston yesterday, I was listening to my audiobooks to pass time. Why not use drive time productively and workout my brain, right?!

After looking through several books on leadership, self-development, personal finance, athletics, and fiction, I decided to download Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

I was drawn to it because of the focus on how leaders INSPIRE others. In my profession, I am constantly trying to INSPIRE clients to live healthy and happy lives through consistent exercise and diet. And while listening to this book I realize I’ve been going about it all wrong.


I exercise. I want people to exercise. I eat healthy (most of the time). I want people to eat healthy. So my WHAT is just that…providing people with exercise and some nutrition ideas to live a healthy life. I prepare fitness programs to fit into clients’ daily lives. I offer suggestions as to what can be done to see continued success.

But the What can only go so far. The What usually falls off and takes lower priority to work, vacation, meetings, life. The what becomes useless. Workouts fall off, nutrition goes haywire, progress is halted and results are lost.


Everyone needs motivation to reach any goal. Most people need an outside source to motivate. I am the outside source for clients wanting to exercise. I take my WHAT and I add my HOW. My HOW is through consistent meetings, positive motivation, constant communication…anything that will MOTIVATE the client to reach goals.

But the HOW can become stale when there is minimal purpose behind it. “To Lose Weight” is not a valid WHY.


With every client and every class I teach, I have the same why:

Every individual has the opportunity to be his or her best physical and mental self.

Not everyone has to be as strong or as fit as the person next to them, but every individual has the same opportunities to treat his or her body well through proper nutrition and regular exercise. Whenever I am in front of someone who does not understand that why, it is through my HOW that I try to express my WHY.

If I don’t have a purpose or belief, than how can anyone I work with have a purpose or belief. Some clients may not even realize the possibilities and opportunities they have available to them; so it is my job to offer them guidance in things they didn’t even know were possible.

When there is an underlying purpose–a WHY–there is progress.