Being alone is okay

Embracing the warmth of cold night is better, you are alone, facing the chaotic world. Convincing yourself that you’re okay, you’re okay with these people but the truth is they are the thorns of your life. You lie on your bed with thoughts, creating your own world. The wind makes your world go round, the wind makes your life flew.

Staring blankly and feeling the pain with you, pretending that you’re happy but not, a great pretender indeed.

When people asked how are you doing and you answer them that you’re not okay, they will tell you things that will make you feel better, but the truth is they made you feel how fucked up your life is. Say that they’ve been also here before but actually they don’t know what’s there inside you.

People thinks they know too well. But actually NOT.

Being alone is okay, being alone is better than this world. Everything is okay, to be alone is way better than okay.

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