Monkey is off the back

I am a very normal and commonly found species in Bangalore walking daily into big glass buildings with a laptop bag and opening the same inside it and staring at the screen and thinking what to do in life. Yes I am working in a IT profession.

Being in the profession comes with one unwanted monkey that gets attached to you as walk in for the first time . This is travelling to the US.

Cut to few years back I was working for a very well known three lettered organization as part of their software lab in Bangalore. When ever I meet people in marriages ,upanayanam ,sasthiabdhaburthi or any function for that matter they would ask me this question first, have you been to the US. Then I begin explaining them that I am trying to do awesome stuff here in India and we don’t have the concept of onsite and all that , then the reply comes

“ seri seri seekiram US poda , anga en ponnu mapla irrukka naan number tharen…”

“Romba thanks mama“ I did not know what else to say , but this kept happening so much that my friend in US once had a doubt whether I truly work in a IT firm.

Finally one day one of my boss called me and told me to plan my travel to US and I told him I did not have a VISA . He gave me a stare which echoed in to my ears as “ivlo naal IT company la vela pakkara VISA kooda va illa ?” “Office layum arambichatangla” was the thought running in my mind , I grinned and said I will apply.

Finally I applied and got a VISA after going through the horror stories of many , but mine ended much more peacefully.

Then the day arrived when the time had come for me to get the monkey off my back.Yes US ku oru vazhiya vandhachu!

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