My Thoughts On Social Media!

“Sayat What?” I heard myself cry!

As everyone longs for trace of social media in their lives, Can we get back to the time where there was no news feed, stories etc..,

Last week we heard rants circulating about Facebook and Instagram stories. But one has to agree upon the fact that every platform has its own uniqueness.

With social media ads dominating the entire marketing landscape. There is much more to come like Facebook messenger ads, Instagram and Facebook story ads for Business pages.

As a marketer, the kind of sophistication I have is humongous. To target a certain set of people with an utmost match to the customer persona makes me wonder how can they do this! When did we decide to share all the data to these giants?

Social media platforms and its algorithms have made our life more monotonous. Our news feeds are being filled with interesting and agreeable things. Though there can be so many up-votes for it, we cannot see something in our news feed that we disagree upon. That puts our human nature in jeopardy. We have evolved as a species by agreeing to matters that we disagree in the first place.

We have evolved from E-Mail marketing to Google Ad-words. Now, Google Ad-words to Social media ads!

Will there be a paradigm shift in our behavior moving from social media to something else like AR and VR?

Maybe yes! Maybe not!

Why because, when online streaming for music came out like YouTube, Spotify and Saavn, all the record labels ran out of business. When DSLR came into the market, Handy-cams and film cameras became obsolete. Next up will be Newspapers and Magazine as we are moving to News apps. As AR and VR becoming a promising field, we can expect an end to the Television era too.

Let’s hope for the Best!:)

Share it with your circle and give me feedbacks! I love that! :)