And its immense potential in revolutionizing clinical trial design, drug development, and precision medicine

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has shed increasing awareness on the importance of the biotechnology sector and its pivotal role in ushering novel discoveries in research and development (R&D), treatments, and cures.

While indeed the notion of biotechnology’s importance in both the global economy and human health has never been more apparent, to the keen observer, one fascinating element has been the shift of “Biotech” becoming “Techbio.” The traditional biotech R&D process has been marred by bottlenecks and redundancies spanning data collection, analysis, and extrapolation, as well as wet-lab benchwork. However, over the past decade, a powerful yet subtle tangential shift in how scientific data is harnessed, processed, and translated into functional insights has occurred.

In the healthcare and life sciences space, there has been a massive amount of data created and…

Krish Ramadurai

VC partner at Harmonix Fund, karate master, and science nerd. On a mission to accelerate the scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow, today.

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