Google CEO’s Response To 7-Year-Old Girl’s Letter Will Warm Your Heart

Many people harbor the yearning to work for Google. It’s one of the greatest tech organisations on the planet and from what one can read on the web, it has all the earmarks of being a truly fun work environment at, also the way that the organisation tends to pay such a great amount of cash to its representatives that they simply quit their employments. Notwithstanding, those are probably not going to be the contemplations that a 7-year-old kid makes. By the by, Chloe Bridgewater sent a letter to Google and the reaction from the organisation’s CEO will warm your heart.

Bridgewater tended to her letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai as “Dear google supervisor,” and composed that when she’s greater she might want an occupation at Google. She additionally specified that she might want to “work in a chocolate processing plant and do swimming in the Olympics.”

She specified in her letter that she’s just ever sent two letters, the first to Santa and the second to the Google manager, and we as grown-ups realise that no less than one of them is a genuine individual. Pichai composed back an endearing reaction, with only helpful words for the young lady.

He added that he anticipates accepting her employment application when she’s done with school. It may be a couple of years, however dislike Google’s going anyplace.

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