Top Best Long Curly Hairstyles for Women

Do you have curly hairs that are rather unruly and rough? Do not worry; here we are with some flattering long curly hairstyles that can make you look cute. They can be managed and cut in a way that only the positive features of them are going to how and you will never feel again down because of your unruly mane.

Loose Curls

Uneven waves in hair with a loose style are ideal for having a haircut like Taylor Swift. Look at her hair and check the layers made in those curls. Go for layers like her in your hair in front and back. With a bit tighter curl also you can go with this style but it will need form you some more work with layers and setting their length.

Spiral Curls

If you have fine to medium hair with tight spiral curls, you have to go for long curly hairstyles that have longer layers. Your mane can remain well-defined with curly locks which are tapered at the ends. This adds natural sight in your hair.

Long Thick waves

Got thick hair with waves? This haircut is with minimal layers. The thick set of hair gives flexibility in styling. Your natural voluminous and wavy hair helps in styling the hair more elegantly. When you cut the layers in long thick hair they break up the hair. They gradually become lighter in weight from down and do not get too heavy from the bottom.

Naturally curly and Thick Hair

Thick hair with curls that are tight and small looks great when at shoulder length. This is called pageboy cut. Add with it long layers at the end. It is not long bob. But the cut is made on a side that is long enough to stay on your shoulders. This style is chic for those girls who adore not very long curly hairstyles.

Simple Long haircuts with curls

Medium to low density hair with a light wave look good. You can go with very long layers with them. The first layers begin at the cheekbones. The easy movement is added to the hair and they look prettier than only one elongated length. Without layers they look lifeless. The style blows a new spirit of freedom in your looks. It is not only neat but it shows a tinge of style and modernism in a girl.

To maintain long curly hairstyles , go for the best style that suits your hair volume and face shape. They can enhance your looks and modify your appearance!