Self improvement month on Freakonomics Radio — April/May 2016

Self help books or media has never been a thing for me. I love to read/listen to fiction, but when I stumbled upon one of the podcast episodes on Freakonomics I was in for a surprise.

While I was browsing through the podcast feed, I saw the episode, ‘How to be more productive.’ Now I’m the kinda guy who would skip this usually, but a line in the description caught my attention. It said, “First, however, a warning: there’s a big difference between being busy and being productive.”

Nice, I thought. I listened to the episode. I generally like how Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt talk about things in general, a.k.a the hidden side of everything. In these episodes specially, Dubner’s questions are probing, and directional. (Asking questions is an art, and I learnt how to ask better questions by listening to Freakonomics!) They speak with people who’ve authored books on productivity and self improvement, and they are challenged on the show. That was impressive.

I wanted to share this with my friends and family. Here is the list of these podcasts:


I also made a contribution to Freakonomics radio. There’s no need to mention it here, but it gives me a great deal of satisfaction because, well, this is great content and it is for free. I think we have a moral responsibility to support them.

Hope you listen to these! Have fun.