To feed all people in a city who can’t afford everyday food and to reduce food wastage. People and Restaurants extra food collected and sorted by a mobile app and a vending machine which dispenses this food in TOGO boxes based on shelf life and generates energy from off shelf life food TOGO boxes.

What my Idea solves:-

This inspired me to think of this idea and I hope it solves 25%-30% of it. http://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america/

My Idea:-

Most often we order excessive food than what we want and take the rest with us in a TOGO box. These TOGO boxes have chance of 20% to be eaten the next day and most of them lands in trash. Why we and restaurants, not share this excessive food with others who can’t afford to eat a meal a day.

2GO-BOX Machine:-

This machine scans the number on the togo box and stacks them based on the shelf life onto its refrigerator. Whenever a person wants to dispense a togo-box, it uses one-form of identification to allocate his/her daily limit.

The machine is intelligent in dumping food which are off the shelf life onto to a food compressor under it. The food compressor compresses these food which can be used to produce methane.

So Consider that this Idea got implemented and a say person is using it.

Firstly when person thinks to contribute his/her food from restaurant to the 2GO-BOX machine. The person is advised to get a bio-degradable togo box from the restaurant (if not machine dispenses it). Next he opens the mobile app and types in about the food , its weight and shelf-life.

The mobile App next generates a UUID based on the facts provided by the user about the food . The user is then requested to write this number on the top of the 2GO-BOX . Once done the user is requested to place the 2GO-BOX onto the near by 2GO-BOX vending machine.

MoBile APP features:-

(*) Any food information can be posted to public and people who are interested can subscribe to get information about food.

(*) 2GO-BOX UUID creation and food facts collection.

(*) Sends a message to the Donner when his/her box is wended out and lot more features

More explanation and features on paper.