Personally, I wish this was done 3 years earlier.
Shilpi Agrawal

The matter of security is a huge concern. Though I have never been to any of the BITS institutions, security is an upmost concern.

Let us talk about the benefits of curfew-

  1. Security — Let us assume now when the curfew is no more that there is no security in the campus and incidents of molestation or burglary or gun firing occur after the ex-curfew time. So the people who are outside trying to be role models, are they safe whilst they come back to their hostels? Or if the curfew already existed, people would be safe in their rooms. Also, lets assume this that there is ultimate security and no incidents occur at all. Still men and women have total feeling of being secure and feel the dwelling place.
  2. Discipline — There is no such thing that 100% of students would use this opportunity in a productive manner. Students would come drunk, may be producing chaos, and eventually disturb/distact the students who are trying to be role models in the institution itself. There are people who always misuse the freedom.
  3. Concern of safety — Parents who have sent their children with hopes of becoming entrepreneurs/ideals/engineers/doctors/artists (exectra) are always worried about their safety. They expect discipline and if something happens then blame someone. Whom are they gonna blame if some heinous incidents happen with their children. I bet your institution won’t take any responsibility of the safety of the students after ban of the curfew.

The broader I look, it makes me worry more. This non-curfew system cannot work through out India because it is been said that BITS institutions are safe, the crowd is sophisticated and the mentality of the people is matured enough to take positive steps. It is not the same with other institutions. It is totally opposite.

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