One field that has been dominated by and benefited from Internet heavily is trade or e commerce. Over the years the growth of E commerce has been exponential, as the internet is reaching houses, vendors reaching pockets. What can be asked more. The discounted rates, amazing offers and diverse variety to choose from with the equal assurance of quality has made e commerce extremely popular among millennials.

As more and more people are joining the bandwagon of e commerce, the importance of marketplace has been felt like never before. As it was getting too much for users to remember multiple username and password, so came Google/Facebook/Twitter APIs to login into different accounts. Similarly marketplaces are the single gateway to multiple vendors and products. Physically it’s like shopping mall with various sellers setting up their shops.

Moreover only having websites for single stores limit the number of products,also it worsens the brand building prospects. Furthermore, it minimizes the marketing costs for the small vendors and makes it level playing field for big and small vendors alike, provided they offer similar quality products. To facilitate creation of market place, several companies have produced several ways that convert a single vendor website to multi vendor market place. There are several such extensions/services but one extension due to its enriching features stands out from the rest.

Says Nadir, an extremely happy user of the Market place extension “One of the best support system I have encountered. They are really nice and kind, they have a really good service attitude. I was evaluating their products and they guided me all along to arrive at great decision. Also, talking about the extension, many of the features are out of the box. If you are refraining yourself due to fear of poor support. Your search ends here. They’re the best”.

Magento Marketplace Extensions or Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace extensions by CEDCOMMERCE is now talk of the town. Backed by strong features as Responsive vendor panels and Shop Pages, Vendor Specific Shop URLs and SEO Management, only 2 steps for mass vendor transactions, Vendor payment methods and instant notifications are few of the features of the feature-rich extension.

And the most mind boggling thing is the basic version comes FREE. Yes Free! “KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS ! — First time I have bought a extension which is available for Free and glad that I am not disappointed. Must appreciate the support as they understood my situation pretty well and handled my queries with care and responded quickly. I am really happy with the extension and its features and would definitely purchase some addons as the my marketplace grows”. — adds SIMONS who is one of the many fulfilled customers.

Another startling feature that helps it ace the competition is that it provides excellent and painstaking support even for basic version which is free. Exciting as it gets. “In the era of subscription costs, the excessive subscription fees, we decided to make basic Market Place free. The intention and idea was to democratize the Multi Vendor platform. So each and all has equal and unrestricting access” says Abhishek Jaiswal, Founder of Cedcommerce which is also pioneer in providing cost effective Jet Integration Extensions.

Adds Mr. Jaiswal “ The act of Elon Musk making all the patents of Tesla open source, inspired me. I can see the vision, if electric cars won’t be available to masses, people will realize their importance very late” Indeed the inspiration has resonated vehemently with consumers, with more and more consumers subscribing extensions for basic version.

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