Is Smartwatches Replace Mobile Technology?

Wearable devices have been attracting a lot of attention, as it is considered to be the next generation of portable electronic devices. The pace of technology today forces us to rethink and accept new norms at ever speedier intervals.

Smartwatch will not kill the smartphones; smart watches are still phone companions. There are a lot of functions which still require a large screen and larger computing power. On the other hand, smart watches will give rise to a number of mobile apps. Smart watches will end up having some kind of smart functions so that they can be used even when disconcerted to the phone. A smartphone watch is good but a watch paired to a mobile is best.

The wearable market is in its infancy, but it is growing at a rapid pace. By 2018; 112 million wearable devices are expected to hit the store shelves. These include everything from fitness tracker to smart glasses. But statistics also show that 1.6 billion smartphones unit would have been shipped by 2018.

Phone calls, playing games, browsing websites are important smartphone functions, are never going to be good on a watch. Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch which entirely replaces your smartphone. From Fitbit and Android Wear to Apple’s iWatch, the wearable market is expanding faster than you can think. So as the category grows, the question asked is, will wearable devices replace smartphones, or will it continue to serve as mere companions pieces for handsets?