Breaking The Stigma Towards Universal Basic Income Can Better Society!

What would you do if you received $1000 every month, no strings attached? Really think about that! Finally learn how to play guitar. Maybe you’ll be that dude at the club makin’ it rain constantly! Or maybe your parents will be slightly less disappointed in your Communications and Philosophy Degree.

That’s the general idea behind Universal Basic Income. It basically says the government will provide a buffer for all it’s citizens to ensure that no one has to be poor or struggle to put food on their table. An idea that has been presented and denied since the 1500s.

Thomas Moore wrote about it in his book Utopia, saying Instead of inflicting these horrible punishments, it would be far more to the point to provide everyone with some means of livelihood, so that nobody’s under the frightful necessity of becoming, first a thief, and then a corpse.

Robin Hood was basically fighting for Universal Basic Income! Take money from the ultra rich and give it to the poor. The point was that the kings would get tired of the thievery and cut out the middle man and just give everyone a second leg to stand on! Instead they tried to kill Robin Hood. Which sure, led to some zany predicaments and super cool sword fights, but people were still poor and hungry! Plus Moore’s quote from Utopia is really anti-zombie/undead too. Maybe if more people died happy they wouldn’t come back from the grave to handle unfinished business.

One of the arguments for Universal Basic Income is if people had starting point of income they won’t resort to dastardly criminal activities. Riots will decrease. Police Brutality will probably go down, because even citizens can now afford Sound Cannons, Tanks and Michael Winslow’s sound effects!

It creates financial equality so there’s no way to deflect the blame of poverty on race or gender. Which means that the KKK can spend their income on flaming crosses, but they can’t say it’s because the black man is taking away the white man’s job. Because it’ll become clear that both of you have the same opportunities for all the jobs. So that means you’re just filled with hate for melanin, a chemical that you have no control over. Which makes the KKK way sadder in this context.

It’ll give people an opportunity to get the jobs they want, which means manual labor and low income jobs can be automated. Now this is a big one! This means that non-traditional jobs like creative ones and motherhood won’t be looked down upon! You don’t have have to feel guilty about doing what truly makes you happy! Happiness with value would be the newest idea humanity can enjoy since sliced bread.

The counter argument is giving people a basic income means they’ll all get lazy and stay at home playing video games and masturbating with their Cheeto-covered hands. And this is an argument used against the idea welfare. A person on welfare on average receives $25 a day if they’re single! That’s about $9000 a year! That means they probably can’t even afford Hulu or stealing a Netflix account! And even if they did, what the hell would they watch it on? They probably can afford a computer or iPad or even a Microsoft Surface! If you can live with all the amenities you are used to on $25 a day or less then by all means use that as an excuse against taking care of poor people.

When John McDonnell of the Labour Party in the UK brought up the idea of universal basic income, conservatives said it’s unaffordable. Which is another counter argument to this idea. It’s a good point, where is this money going to come from when we have to spend an infinite amount on the newest way to kill the brown people we don’t like, and focus on changing regimes for cheaper drugs and a fuel source that murdering this planet and keeping all the citizens fighting each other over trivial social constructs. I mean really when we have all that going on, what couch cushion can we find a dime or 2 for Universal Basic Income to better society when we are too busy destroying it!

Also it should be a sign if someone in LABOUR party says Universal Basic Income means people won’t just stop working! And like I already mentioned that means we can move certain repetitive jobs to automation and work on educating everyone so they can pursue the types of jobs they really want to! And those that loose their jobs to automation they don’t have worry because they have an income whilst getting trained to get a new and better job!

I’m sure there a still some folks there a not convinced on this idea. Some are probably worried that this sort of a program will bankrupt the nation. Let’s put in terms that a consumerist would understand. You know how the current state of capitalism is built on buying shit we don’t need? And you how poor people can’t really afford the shit they don’t need? Well with Basic Income that means they can now spend their money on shit they don’t need, stimulating the economy you worship!

Now this program is going through trials in Canada, Finland and has already been proven to work in the Dutch city of Utrecht! And Canada’s program is being spearheaded by Hugh Seagal, who’s a conservative! A person that should be against this idea based on his label! Seagal’s program will address the issue of poverty, laziness and the effects on the economy over the next 3 years!

The President of Iceland, who’s name is really hard to pronounce and I respect this man too much mispronounce it, says the reason why the Netherlands has happier people and less crime and poverty is because of the demonized socialism idea. Programs that are set up to help it’s citizens succeed rather fight each other and rewards them for stepping on top of each other. A populous that is educated to the fullest of its capacity will choose cooperate rather than compete to destroy!

We’ve been stuck in this old model of economy where you can catch a break and get free shit when you have all the money. Till then you have to pay to live in poverty. The Rich Club has free membership, but only if your bank account has like a billion bucks in there. If you’re the Poor Club you’re membership cost you your freedoms and dignity. With Basic Income we’re all in the same club. We all get Members jackets. We can all try the caviar.

We can spend time advancing society and humanity through education, innovation, exploration, thought and creativity. 7 billion minds working together is far more powerful than half world attempting to kill the other half over limited resources and color chemicals. At this point, we’re 2 steps away from having a war over Crayola Colors and who gets the burn the Earth to crisp first. Universal Basic Income gives us the opportunity to really look at new ideas and solutions. Rather can spending money on ways to kill each other we can invest in living with each other.