How Bubble Culture Is Destroying Truth, History & Curiosity!

Have you ever walked into a dive bar and had everyone in there just stare at you? A real scratch-the-juke-box moment. The regulars in that bar have never seen the likes of you — with your designer jeans, band t-shirts, slick back hair, and wristwatch without any hands. You’re invading their space. Your very presence just burst the bubble of their smoky dive bar with the $2 shot and beer special.

Bubble Cultural is everywhere! The conservatives in the rural communities were in their bubbles worrying about their farms and factory jobs, which they were told they needed. And, eventually, the kid who broke out and went to the big city comes back and tries to invade their thoughts with new concepts like gay rights, immigration reform, universal oneness, and David Bowie. These guys resist it. Because it’s new and foreign. They’ve never experienced it.

And when that happens, instead of saying “let me show how cool this new thing is,” the new kid gets mad about the resistance. Then those new kids go off and stick with the people who like Bowie and these new ideas — forming their own bubbles. Now, they don’t want to see any ideas that differ from theirs. And nobody is allowed to cross-contaminate these bubbles. And that’s how we get Ideological Eugenics.

This Bubble Mentality is rooted in us from the time we are kids. We’re given a lot of mixed messages. In kindergarten, we are told to share because we care and to play nice with one another. And then we go on to gym class and we have to pick a team. Becky’s or Jennie’s. And we are definitely only going to play kickball, even though most of us just want to walk the track. So, really, we never got to learn and practice sharing and playing well with others. We were only told to make allegiances. Since we never really graduated from basic kindergarten thoughts, it’s no wonder we can’t see nuance within a belief system.

This thought of allegiances carries into the rest of our lives. People with tattoos stick with other people tattoos and say, “Like your ink; I don’t care what it represents.” People without tattoos just wish they were cool enough to have tattoos. At coffee shops, smokers have their own spots, and the non smokers silently judge them with their heads buried in their laptops. Even though they’re drinking the same drug. Even with music we stick to our teams, even though we’ve proven time and time again that when mix and match, you make hits and eventually reach Rick Rubin status, beard and all.

This notion of homophily can be caused by public policy, as in the case of the housing crisis. According to The Atlantic, “For decades, U.S. housing policy has subsidized large suburban homes, but restricted housing construction in rich neighborhoods and deprived minorities of mortgage support. So, poverty concentrates in one area, and the rich cluster in another.

Thus, the rich don’t understand the struggles of the poor and the poor don’t get why the rich don’t help them out. And these opposing groups stick to their own, don’t go out, and don’t ask why. They fear the anger and hate thrown their way if they do. It’s same with the conservatives and liberals, rural and city dwellers, minorities and majorities, altos and tenors. We just assume the other side isn’t going to get it. So, we don’t try and talk to each other.

This push for Ideological Eugenics leads to complacency and blindly following a thought or belief without understanding why you believe in what you believe. You were just told that this is the right thing, and this is the wrong thing, and that’s that. How are we supposed to learn about the world if we don’t explore ideas on both sides of the fence? Without discovery there is no progress or understanding.

If you’re a liberal who hates conservatives for being socially backwards, let’s try to understand what some their fears are. According to Kathy Cramer, conservatives don’t like immigration because they feel like immigrants cut in line of the American Dream. Unfortunately, dreams don’t have lines. Walmart does. But that’s not really a line anyone wants to be on because that’s a line for the American Nightmare. Maybe quell their fears by letting them know that immigrants work just as hard to get their opportunities, just like everyone else.

They also fear what their place will be in the world with a gender spectrum and gay rights. You can let them know that their marriage and what they hold sacred doesn’t go away because two men want to marry each other. They won’t be forcing you to sex with them. Or to like the same kind of music. Or to wear ass-less chaps everyday. Nothing against y’all, but you’re not their type. Maybe just introducing them to a gay person will decrease some of these misunderstandings.

And that’s half the battle, just introducing these new ideas to each other. Most of rural America hasn’t seen an immigrant or a gay person. They’ve only heard about them on TV or the radio. But when they meet one in person, they might find out it’s not all that bad. It’s like riding a roller coaster. From afar the drops and loops seem terrifying! But then you get up close, experience it, and it’s awesome. Now we want to get on all the roller coasters! And find out that there are a few of them that suck. But a high percentage are pretty damn cool.

Living in a bubble would be just be boring! No one challenges your thoughts or brings up new perspectives. Everyone just pats each other on the back and gives each other thumbs up. Floating along, ignorant to the notion that we can embrace our differences. Human beings are dramatic creatures. That’s why we’re drenched in fame culture and gossip on a daily basis. And it’s why we’re so obsessed with politicizing social issues.

We put too much importance on labels! And because of that we are divided to this extreme level. These labels make it hard to see and understand the complexities of these ideologies! It becomes black or white and that’s intolerant to rainbows. And more importantly the value we’ve put on label also corrupts our trust.

Trusting only those that label themselves the same as you contributes to excluding people who don’t represent the same colors as you. And when colors get singled out, that’s also intolerant to rainbows! It doesn’t make sense, since the color they represent is part of the whole rainbow.

Ideological Eugenics and Bubble Culture is anti-rainbow! And what did rainbows ever do anyone?! Nothing, they just made a gloomy grey storm cluttered sky look beautiful! They added whimsy to a soggy, wet, dull day! If you want live in a bubble you’re gonna miss out on a whole bunch of rainbows!

Because something is labeled a liberal journal or conservative one, people decide to discredit it as a point of view, when they should consider it as one point in the search for truth. According to Journalist Tom Ricks, “Increasingly, Americans seem to believe that you can have your own facts, you can ignore the evidence. This is not just a hit on the right; this is a hit on the left as well. And related to that, I see less support for a fundamental view of free speech as key to our society. But when I see people on the left saying it’s OK to punch Nazis on the streets, I really disagree with that. … It worries me. Free speech for the marginalized, the abused and even for the repugnant is essential.

But Bubble Culture hides the truth and censors history and curiosity. To continue to commit Ideological Eugenics, by believing one side is correct and because of that it’s actions are excused is the true false equivalency in our society. It allows us to ignore the fact that we’ve become just like those we don’t want to become. So for this generation, it means you’re acting just like your fathers!

Even our language on this subject is abrasive! Burst your bubble. It’s so violent. Maybe we don’t need to burst the bubble but combine our bubbles through education, understanding and empathy! And then we can make a double bubble! And combine more bubbles and make a super bubble. A bubble that doesn’t have borders or puts massive importance on labels, race & money. One that embraces not the spectrum of gender and sexuality but also the spectrum of thoughts!

Eventually this bubble gets so big it’s the size of the planet. And the only thing we should be worried about is extra-terrestrials to come into our bubbles. Even then, by attempting to understand them, we can then make a giant universal bubble! And then we only have to worry about is other universes but then we can add those to our bubbles…you guys get the idea!