Childhood and School Life.

There is something magical about a child’s eyes. Everything seems happy. This is also why school memories are the most beautiful​ memories.

Playing holi in class❤️

Barely of the height of a dinner table we change a lot during the school life. I don’t think anyone on this earth thinks that any part of life is better than school. We learn so many things throughout our journey. We make so many friends. It almost becomes our home.

Dear adulthood,
A day will come when you miss those unnecessary laughter, funny pranks and those little things that makes everything happier. Try to comeback someday then.
Sincerely, Childhood.

Those naps in class, Pen fight championships, food eating thrills, making weapons with rubber band, teasing by name of crush, using sweaters to cover head and then beat the person, those laughs over little lame jokes, finding fun in punishments, playing ops-bats and singing that typical good morning maam song. Now that I no longer go to school I realise how important all of this was.

Every class had that one gossip girl, one Beauty queen, one rich brat, one rockstar, one failure, one nerd, one topper, one footballer, one bully and one know-it-all who always used to sleep and still knew everything.

Yet the beauty of School life remains unmatched.❤️

We all have that one friend who is there since the start to the end. Who not only knows the stories of our life, but has lived them with us. Who knows what we do, what we think, what we want to do etcetera etcetera. That one best friend is the thing we miss the most.

The first day we cry, because we don’t want to enter the school.
The last day we cry yet again, because we don’t want to leave it.

Those happy bright memories never fail to make me smile when I look back.

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