Relationship issues. People often complain a lot about their girlfriend or boyfriend as time passes. They want each other to be working their way. This and such similar acts of wantonness lead to tension between to people and finally breakup. What can one do to avoid all this?

We complain about not having enough time in our lives,To do what we must do,Yet if we were given more hours in a day,we’d used up all that too. We all desire to be close to all those whom we love,yet all too often look on far-afar,amd when it comes to the truth do we want to change? Or remain forever as we are.
~Kaveri Vora

This is a quote by one of my friends who suggested me to write on this topic.

So, what’s the key to a healthy, positive relationship? Well, according to me, there are two factors largely controlling relationships and their positivity.

First, our thought-process. We tend to treat relationships as our life rather than a part of our life. We tend to focus on just one thing and lose interest in all other things. Well, think of it this way: Drinking water is good for health so why don’t you try drinking 16 litres of water someday? That is, of course because, you’ll die of excess water in your body. Too much of anything is bad for health. Similarly too much of focus on your partner can be destructive for both you and him/her. Live your life and treat your partner as the most beautiful part of your life. You’ll see there will be a sudden difference in the magnitude of happiness in your Life.

Secondly, expectations. We tend to expect a lot of things. Our positive thinking outlines itself on such thought , “ Itne saalo tak koi problem nahi aayi sab accha chala hai, to aage bhi aisa hi hoga”. This is the most unrealistic approach and this is something we need to change. Let me ask you a quick question, “How many of you have fulfilled your own expectations?” I hardly think anyone would answer “I have” to this question. When you can’t even fulfill your own expectations then how can you expect some other person to do the same? Look understand this as it is important in all dimensions of life: Problems will arise but rather than Focusing on the problem focus on its solution. Sit with your partner and think the solution for the problem you are facing.

There is also a minor factor, commitment. Everybody should realise and understand this that we should be committed to our partner. Commitment is also a key to healthy relationships.

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