A secret message

I am Krishna and today I have 1 story for you. there was a king who lived in Egypt.he wanted to send a message to a friend who lived far away in Greece.the King want to send a secret message to a friend. King wanted only read this message his friend only and he wanted this message to be secret.The King was thinking and thinking, and then, at last, he had an idea. he knew how to send a secret message to a friend. the king called his most trusted servant. the servant came to king and servant said to the king “yes my lord what do you have work for me” and the king said “I want to you go and shave your hair from your head and come back to me. and the servant did “now” I am going to write a message on your head and the servant bent down.”now” I want you to stay alone until your hair grows back.your hair will hide what I have written.so I am going to put you locked room for a month. The month passed away. and the king went to see the servant. the king said to the servant “I have a very important task for you i want you to go to my friend I want you to show your head to my friend and he is the one who should see it only” when the servant reached king’s friend he shaved his head and he showed and when he washed his head and he washed message also. and it was the first secret message in the World