Nephew’s Cry, and My Reflections on the Auschwitz Concentration Camps

Sometimes children cry for no reason. My nephew is less than four years old. Today he came back from his playschool, and my sister removed his shoes and asked him to go wash his feet. He refused. She insisted, and he refused even more. She took him to the washroom by herself and poured water on his feet and brought him back. My nephew felt heartbroken. He started to cry as his feet were washed against his will. And later we sat for lunch and my nephew wasn’t eating anything; he was still crying.

I looked at his innocent face and his tear flooded eyes. Although my nephew’s cry here was a very silly one and was for no reason, something about it, seeing a child in tears, has stirred a thought, a reflection, within my mind.

To cry is to express pain, and when a child weeps his heart out, that is a moment for the entirety of the Mankind to stop and soothe his sorrow. Decades ago, in an event that is unforgettable in the history of Mankind, the World War II, great many number of children were made to face an immeasurable and unendurable pain, both physical and psychological. Nazi German party lead by the living death himself, Hitler, had took away countless Jewish kids from their parents and had threw them to hell — Nazis shot them, or beaten to death, or worse burnt those kids alive.

Thinking about it now, I wondered how those children must’ve cried. I asked myself what helplessness those children must’ve faced when their parents were killed in front of them? What pain they must’ve underwent when they were all turned into orphans? What agony they must’ve lived through when they were tortured like no human could imagine? And in all those moments of blaze and bereavement, they must’ve cried, I’m sure. Those children must’ve cried till their hearts had bled, till their eyes had ran out of tears, till the air had left their lungs, till there was no more tomorrow in their lives.

A child’s true cry is a curse for the mankind. And our world is still being cursed every moment as there are children around us who are undergoing devastation even as we speak, such as in Syria where people are being moved out of their homes right at this moment.

Those children, more than anybody, need a shelter equipped with basic human necessities in life, such as heartfelt warmth from the fellow beings, and love.