Winter in Netherlands: my first winter experience in a foreign land

Winter is here, bringing all the coldness in the world onto me. The first glimpses of the season are the trees without leaves, and the days without sunshine. There are endless gloomy clouds, dark and grey clouds that seem so ready to rain down any minute, like a pair of eternal eyes that are waiting to cry. The temperatures, or rather the lack of them, turn the insides of me cold, so cold that whatever fire I hold in my heart fails to fill back the warmth within. And that wind touching my face when I’m walking on the streets, that skin numbing and bone biting wind that chills my cheeks and ears that I fail to cover comfortably with woolen clothes, makes me want to run away from wherever I am back to my shelter and not come out till the wheel of winter season turns ahead and away. The white fume that comes out of my mouth when I respire makes me feel like a smoker although I’m not one. Winter season makes me do many things that I generally do not, like staying home on the weekends without exploring the foreign land that I’m living in, and it lets those two free days of the week pass by in a sloth, filling my muscles with fatigue, keeping me inside the cage of cold and inactivity.

When I try to wash something, or do the dishes, the faucet initially blurts out cold water that instantly chills my hands. I need to wait a moment for the warm water to start flowing through the tap. It wastes a lot of water every time and I hate it.

I observed that there is less movement of life in this season. Days are short and darkness stays long, keeping people in deep sleep, away from the cold world outside their doorstep. It feels like so many things have gone to sleep in the winter. Because somehow there is always a vague silence around me, and also inside me. I don’t know why but I feel that I tend to think less in this season, because my mind seems to be too occupied in warming itself up, and it often seems to fail in that endeavor, because I haven’t written much recently, which is one example that tells me I’m not making much thoughts these days. And then there is my life, my personal, ever-aspiring and always dream-filled secret life inside of me, with a thought process within my mind that is always at war with something higher than itself, like the freezing winds of winter picking up a fight with the heat of a bonfire.

Alongside all these feelings and emotions I walk the path of my life, believing to move towards the days that I so dearly and dormantly await.