How to help a cobra out of a well

A loud hiss from inside a nearby well — I looked into it and there was a cobra, afloat. An overnight storm, seemed to be the culprit.

A gardener and I, we lowered a rope hoping it would ‘cling onto’ it. 10 minutes pass and we then realize it may need something ‘to curl onto or wrap onto’. Then, we tied a tree branch to the end of the rope and lowered it into the well. It worked.

as it figures that it is gaining altitude, it gets ready for us

The trickiest part was to judge if it would be aggressive and reckless once out? Could we outrun it for a few seconds? A recent knee surgery meant, it was a slight gamble.

We pulled the assembled structure out, the snake slithered away from us (favorably), hood up and ready to strike and gauged us for 25 seconds. It pivoted on its tail and swept 150 degrees, threatening any misadventures from us. It slithered away when it realized we were no threat. It felt good, saved a life. Job well done.

After momentary pride, it was humbling to realize an alternate way to look at this event.

The snake dug itself out of that hole, isn’t it? Its reptilian brain was hyper active, it probably swam for 16 hours to avoid drowning. It knew it needed help. It exhaled every precious breath it took in to alert anyone who could help. The hiss had to be loud enough. I was mere happenstance.