Right or Wrong, a Spiritual Liberation?

The world we living today and as human community, we never questioned our existence, we just have sample data to work on it, for the results how we want to see them. The day science moved from religion, it entered into one more belief system. The spiritual path is/was/will always been there, but the human mind is not in a condition or never been conditioned to be receptive. We have a technology and we are yet fighting for its dependency/inclusiveness in our lives. We never questioned, why we want to buy a house on EMIs which has all the potential to become a bank owned asset in future than yours, yet you vouch for the same idea like your neighbor or colleague or family person? We are not interested in looking at things how they are being manifesting and we live ignorant life forget about noticing the ‘Dance of Life’ around us.

Any method to identify the Drama:

Its better if we don’t encourage something not happened, its enough people went through unnecessary bullshit in their lives. A lot is happening with in you, never got time to check it? Not sure why everyone are tend to something with fear or hope? Isn’t that we all die one day anyway? What the hell is about your drama? We are as a humanity in a situation that doesn’t care whats happening within ourselves and life around us. We have the technology but our minds stuck at biology (fighting for sexual identities and orientation). There are ways to get liberated, if you know how to listen to someone making sense. Its utter bullshit lives we are living today as a generation in the name of belief systems. We can liberate ourselves with minimal effort needed. All you need is to wakeup, look and perceive life around you. You can re/play any emotion if you experience ‘what is an emotion’. There is no right or wrong, its just how you interpreted your moral using data gathered from outside. Your body which you think yours is just a ‘Heap of Food’ you gathered from this planet and your mind is ‘Heap of Impressions’ you listened, noticed, taught, read, watched, knew from outside world through all your senses. Whatever bullshit you gathered and gave it to your ‘mind’, its creating a thought using only that bullshit making you convince as that is your ‘character’. If only you know ‘Who Are You?’ in between heaps of food and impressions, won’t you know the ultimate way with minimal effort needed?

You think Mars flying is a thing? People are stuck in their intellect with their limited identities. If you start asking ‘who you are’ to yourselves, you ‘will experience’ who you are to yourselves. That is the first step in your Spiritual liberation.

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