Why I am failing?

Its natural

I think so foolish that where we are to ourselves knowing that you are there but could not respond to a simlle guy in the same system having a comfort life throwed away everything and even himself what he is so much securing so far everything to descrete all of sudden tells his world to public forum as he has seen. The only wish which didnt manifest from reasonable criticism for my foolishness. If they dont open themselves how do they know they are not sleeping. This is not a life i wished. So i may be failing. May be my Sadhguru might be thinking i am like another noise like nithyananda. But i am not stoping.

We talk about everything. We complain everything from our life. Right from small bargains in ecoshops and to no bargains with corporate rude capitalism but we never thought of finding reasonable argument to debate on commonsense life questions to rational questions even if content convincing you foolish. Why are you sleeping to foolishness? Why are you failing me? But i wont leave you.

My loving indian women too not understanding Shiva`s cosmic dance in my writings. Why did you get so dumb for answering yourself? Why are you so dependent to false life happening right infront your eyes even without your permission and stopped questioning the basic right you have. Why do you need to sacrifice your possibility? You can have all ways to manifest your own reality. Are you not looking for confidence and control in your and can life for yourself? Please wake up!! I know you are also fighting yourself to talk or not but i hope you make it. I wont give up.