The joy of being No. 1.

During my school days I was not so smart or intelligent kid but I was definitely very hard working. I would labor a lot over my textbooks and notebooks. In a way I loved to be with them and appeared studious to my parents who thought I would one day become a doctor like them.

I remember if I am not wrong I must have been in the 7th grade and somehow I decided at the starting of the term that I would come 1st in class. All these years I never stood 1st in my class and this is the resolution I made to myself, beginning of the year and I worked hard, mind and soul and to my utter disbelief I was dumbstruck when the teacher announced the results and I was the Numero Uno in the class. My joy knew no bounds. I had achieved what I had set to and that feeling I can never forget in my life time.

So, I learned that if thought and implementation worked hand in hand one could achieve the impossible.

After that year I never stood 1st in my class ever again, maybe I never resolved to, or attempt to the way I had done in the 7th grade.

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