Startup Syndrome

Call it connecting the dots or Karma, that is how Imaginnovate got started first…helping a Startup take off. We started off as a technology partner for a Startup, working on a small portion of their big dream. Attending daily standups, delivering weekly releases and quarterly visits, we stayed on course with them as they navigated through customer acquisition and investment rounds. All through the journey we have been a trusted technology partner, whom they could count on for all technology needs. And we realized, that’s what we do best.


Limited budget, short time-to-market and learn-as-we-go attitude is what defines a startup. These challenges excite us and so, we work with Startups or enterprise teams that function like a Startup. Our team works with the Startup team in identifying the functionality for an MVP, define the technology strategy and provide the technology team to implement the idea. Product directions change frequently and require the implementation team to keep up with the changes. Our agile processes help us to stay flexible and react to the changes at the speed of need. We help improve the time-to-market by providing the appropriate technology direction, implement best practices and thus minimising re-work. Startups differ in terms of their technology needs, communication strategies and engagement methodology. We learn quickly about the needs and adapt to these changes seamlessly. Finally we are cost-effective, not cheap.


It is always not smooth working with a startup. When working with a startup one needs to be prepared to handle emotional meetings, ego clashes, unrealistic deadlines and uncertain payments. Setting expectations and clear communication always help in minimizing these uncertainties. We have a strong senior leadership that takes care of communication, steers the team in the right direction and stay a cool when needed.


The uncertainty of a startup combined with their attitude of pushing the limits and dreaming bigger is what inspires us. We have great relations with all the startups we work with and grow with their growing needs .Deep inside, we are a startup, pushing the limits of technology, delivering solutions and building relations.

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