DSN Pioneer launched an extremely developer friendly feature today!

Data Stream Network pioneer PubNub made two big announcements this Monday. ‘PubNub Blocks’ are now called ‘PubNub functions’ meaning you can make your data to be processed through a function deployed in a network while it is in motion.

One super helpful feature for the developer community is its “Endpoints”.

What are ‘endpoints’ ?

‘PubNub Functions’ which was earlier called PubNub Blocks is now can be accessed from anything which could make an HTTP request.

You now do not need a SDK for publishing a message to channel from an object of PubNub Instance. You can have your logic and ‘function’ written in the network deployed all over in planet with a ‘PubNub Functions’ and just you have to make an HTTP request with your message object to access them.

How this help developers ?

The super intuitive dashboard now allows developers to use Pubnub with any device or ecosystem which could make a HTTP request. It makes super easy for developers to create web-hooks like this. Making PubNub accessible through simple REST requests like this is make developers life super simple.

In my opinion what makes any feature/product more developer friendly is its small time savior extras which comes with it. PubNub has many such pleasant surprises designed keeping developers in mind. Developer can easily concentrate on logic while enjoying the super smooth dashboard. For example, The test payload function allows you to test with various type of HTTP requests.

Amazing isn’t it?

You can find their latest announcement here.