Is Quantum Machine Learning Will Reveal the Secret Maths behind Astrology?


As hearing the word , the first think comes to our mind is Its Real or Fake? ,Good or Bad ?, True or False?. While throwing this yes or no question and think in a practical way. No one can oppose or make the science behind it be fake.

Now a days as each and every corner around the world people are saying science is growing such a fast as nothing in the world. For me its a question its real ? is it like that?. Let deep dive into it by a small story which solve both the question.

Once a night i was in a deep sleep and in my dream one very old man appears and started laughing. I asked why you are laughing i am getting irritated .Then he smartly said what you are playing in the world with name science is my grandpa great grandpa … period old . I get shocked and suddenly asked him are you mad these are new technologies and people are working day and night to make it for the future world. Then he said ok i agree as you people are working hard. can you tell me who invented mathematics and what makes kick start of the word mathematics. I said how its possible to study such a old history and no added advantage out of it. He smiled and said your child and child kid …. may tell similar to you as what you are inventing may be outdated to them but until unless they study the purpose and origin of anything you are making ,they cannot make a revolution.

In Practical what he said is true as we know all formulas of what we are doing in our day to day research but very less chance as to study the theorem behind it. Day by Day if no one is studying the theorem after long future all formulas will look like fake.

The above story tells astrology is not fake. Its our lackness to understand the logic behind it

Ok Let’s Keep it true. Now how the key concepts behind works? . what is core for this? and what basement its running?

The only basement as for modern science is the beautiful word probability. Lot of discussion questions ongoing around the net to find the difference between luck and probability. The best answer so far is probability have the ability to predict the future if it have enough data to analyse

Ok that’s part of science. Now while looking into the blind history of astrology ,it looks started from 1500 BC and several astrological concepts around the world entered after this. So far most successful prediction and most people believed is the astrology based on solar system and keep moon as the starting point. One of the big sidda named Bhrigu who wrote this. The blind understanding behind the theme is he collected billion billion people lifestyle from birth to death and make a report in adherence with the solar system. He chosen solar system as its the only medium will exist without any natural calamities and he made panchangam to determine the changes of solar system.

Before entering the aim of this topic. A small as most people known machine learning idea

Machine Learning

The basic idea behind machine learning is to prepare(training) a relationship(model) with the set of known input and output data’s and to predict(testing) output with the relationship for a new input

Instead of going much deep into it as plenty of materials available around the net. we will see why we need quantum machine learning

Quantum Machine Learning

The birth of this concept is mainly to apply highly complex mathematics into the computer. plenty of high powerful mathematic solution still in records (theory) and to avoid them as not for future to study in history, a big work started to make them applicable in day to day life

The biggest advantage out of this be a highly skilled model with plenty of data and with very very less amount of error

Now we go into the big picture :)

How Quantum Machine Learning tell the story behind astrology

While looking into the concept of astrology. one word comes to our mind is Is Astrology a Machine Learning Model?. Its not possible to tell no as the history says its a well trained model using billions of data in adherence with solar system(labelling concept in Machine Learning). So what’s next , simply say we need the same model. As Bhrigu says its not for sale :). we have to start preparation from the idea

Why we need the model?

In recent days the main problem behind the astrology is no one knows clearly to predict correctly . the clear understanding totally wash out from the basement. To give rebirth to the field of astrology we need this

What advantage out of this model?

The word pressure we can get out of the english language :). In day to day life the biggest problem is luck .It put a full stop for a hard worker, Highly skilled person and spending money and time to achieve something. People even not spending a hour per day to study are a big scientist now-a-days with only designation you cannot expect anything as output from them.

How the Idea will work?

we have plenty of records for the last 500 years with the date of birth along with timestamp for billions of people and our space research found and analysed plenty of concepts in solar system for the last 500 years. while figuring out the relationship behind both data’s with the help of key ideas of the current astrology concepts(Business Requirement :)) we can get the model. But here the important is to reduce the error then only it will work for future very accurately. hence we need quantum machine learning

I am believing the people who invented astrology are not fake. they are the big scientist and we don’t have enough capacity to understand their thoughts. But hope soon we will try to get their ideas and make a new revolution and by the time when most of the people started believing this concept may go in production

Now— Life is short. Time is very fast and future is unpredictable
Next Gen — Life will not be short(soul). Time is under our control(time machine) and future is predictable(Machine Learning Astrology)

Thanks for reading :)

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