Today I went to the slums part of the city. Yes we have slums..I live in Mumbai.. It wasn’t just any other slum..they were small rooms where people made moulds for manufacturing products..

The fact that amuses me is they execute an idea..practically make people’s dreams come true..and still they call us sirs and madams. They make beautiful things but they still don’t get the money and the admiration they deserve. They don’t get the happiness and pride of their profession. How does the world work that way? Why are some professions elite and why others aren’t? Is it all about the show? The cover? I just don’t get the point of differentiating the elites and the workers. Why more money to the idea and not the hard work? We do live in a society where an idea followed by everyone is always contradicted by the idea followed by others (if that makes any sense)

As I sit here wondering about how the world works I realize one thing and that is

We do judge a book by its cover.

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