Perseverance …. yes, I have it in me, I believe. That’s why I did not give up my attempts to de-clutter. Every time I looked at my desk, the scores of draws and the paper trays, my energy drained and I again try to de-clutter. I meticulously go through the contents again (by now, I know what lies where … since I have gone through them many times), recall the story associated with each item and then with great compassion, place them back in the same place, to be revisited.
 Every time I wanted to de-junk, I tried something different … different times of the day … different filing system, etc. … but none helped to reduce the junk 
 My home desk being my primary office now, the extent of papers, books and other materials has increased exponentially since last year. It came to a point that I had to try something totally different.
 Last week, I tried something new and it seems to work …. I took all the papers to the Drawing room and decided that I would take back only those absolutely needed … an lo! I ended up binning 75% of the papers I had.
 Hope to replicate the method for other items …