Evaluating Functions as a Service

I am in the process of creating a report on Serverless. Part of the report is to evaluate all the Functions as a Service offerings (public cloud services) out there in the market. I have already created a YAML file on Serverless Landscape and I have listed the following public cloud providers in the list. I will be evaluating them based on this criteria and the result will be shared on Github.

I have created an initial set of evaluation criteria as a YAML file in StackSense.io Github repo. Once the evaluation criteria is finalized in the next few days based on community feedback, we will evaluate all these services based on publicly available information from their website and share the results in our Github repo. If you are a FaaS user or a vendor in the space and you want to add or change any criteria listed in the file, please create a Github issue and we will take care of it. Together let us develop an open research environment.

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