Kubernetes is the defacto leader but they should be shit scared of AWS

Anyone watching technology industry will know that OSS is driving the technology platforms. While we have data about OSS contributions, we have limited data about deployment of these platforms. # of downloads is not an indicator of the deployments. By scanning the open ports, we checked the trends for four of the commonly quoted OSS platforms, Kubernetes, OpenStack, CloudStack and CloudFoundry.

By keeping in mind the fact that this is only a list of open ports left in various deployments and, also, the fact that the dev and test environments inside the enterprises may not be available for outside scanning, we can still safely conclude the following:

  • Kubernetes has taken off in a big way among the four OSS platforms listed and it is the industry standard for container orchestration (including the orchestration tools inside some of the abstracted platforms).
  • AWS has the maximum number of Kubernetes deployments (by orders of magnitude more compared to other cloud providers) and it explains AWS’ interest in CNCF. This should also be a warning sign for Kubernetes community because with AWS Fargate (and the future support of Kubernetes), they can easily convert these customers to AWS services only customers making Kubernetes irrelevant for them

Here are the port scan data that shows the above two trends

Kubernetes on the left and CloudFoundry on the right
OpenStack on the left and CloudStack on the right

I agree that it is too early to make a claim that AWS Fargate will eat up Kubernetes workloads but as someone who is trained to see patterns, I can really see that this is going to happen sooner than later. If you are a Kubernetes user deploying it on top of AWS, would you be tempted to move to AWS Fargate if there is an easy on-ramp? Would love to hear your thoughts.

I have written a post as followup to this blog explaining why they should be scared