3 reasons why we rebranded our startup

I’m a technologist at heart and I know zilch about marketing & branding. However, after a year of starting up with Geektrust, we realized that we should rebrand Geektrust.

One thing I’ve come to acknowledge over the last 1 year is that building software is hard, but building a business is harder. Soft, intangible stuff like branding & marketing that was once deemed unimportant were now crucial.

Still, I wanted to be clear in my own head why we had to rebrand and redo our site. So these are the 3 reasons we decided to:

  1. Content and intent
  2. Brand and recall
  3. Navigation

#1. Content and intent — When you startup you have an idea of what you do, how your product gives value etc.. However, as you build your startup , you get a new perspective about yourself - how do you really help your customers, what is your USP, who are your valuable customers and what is the intent of Geektrust. Over time your old website & brand stops reflecting what you do today. So this is reason #1 — we had to redo our site to clearly articulate what Geektrust does for you.

#2. Brand and recall

Our old logo was made within hours by adding an underline to our name :) (I loved it then and still do!). However recruitment being a crowded space, we needed a way to stand out. We used a professional designer here to come up with a logo, font and colours that represent us , and stands out from the crowd.

#3. Navigation

As we added new features, we just kept plonking it on our header. It got to a point where there was no smooth navigation across the platform. This was a problem we just had to fix.

So these are the 3 main reasons why we decided to fix our brand and site. Apart from this, we had a bunch of principles that helped us figure out what we wanted the new site to be like but the above 3 were our main reasons for the rebranding.

This is how we changed our coding problem page based on our principle of being friendlier.

[About the author — Krishnan is co-founder at GeekTrust.

GeekTrust is built for passionate technologists to connect with remarkable job opportunities.]

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