Communicating to our target audience of developers

We would love to hear your perspective.

One of the most interesting parts of working at a start-up is that you get to see challenges you would never have faced (and may never face) at a corporate job.

I’m co-founder at Geektrust and we’ve been running Geektrust for 3+ years now. Very simply put, we are a tech-only hiring platform that helps developers find jobs at interesting companies.

The biggest learning I’ve had after starting up is that building software, while hard, is nowhere as hard as selling it your users. When you build your product you have so many things you think are awesome and then you want to tell your users all about it. Your website starts looking like the front page of The Hindu with detailed explanations of all the awesome features of your product.

How do we articulate all the benefits of Geektrust to our target audience through the medium of a website is what we’re trying to solve now. Like Steve Jobs famously said while talking about his Think Different campaign — it’s a noisy world and you need to explain who you are clearly, and quickly.

So these are the benefits for developers who use Geektrust:

  1. Developer-only hiring platform. No sales, marketing or any other roles.
  2. Your privacy. Even if you register with us, no company gets to see your profile without your explicit permission. No company has access to our DB.
  3. Interesting coding challenges. We create extremely unique challenges that help us understand your real-world coding skills.
  4. If you solve a Geektrust coding challenge, you bypass the coding rounds at most companies. So one code gives you a license to move to tech interview stage with 50+ companies.
  5. Even if you’re not looking for a job now, we will give you feedback on your code. This is done manually by our super senior tech team. And we’re available on Slack if you have questions on your feedback.
  6. We are all techies ourselves, most of us from ThoughtWorks having spent 10+ years there. We know what devs are looking for (because we’ve been there), and we know what companies are looking for (we’ve been there too!)
  7. We curate the companies on our platform. Either Sneha (co-founder) or I personally meet or talk in detail to the companies before on-boarding them. We check for interesting work, stability, their ability to pay market salaries, and we try to assess their leaning towards hiring true craftsmen and craftswomen, or are they looking for “resources”?
  8. We have phone support in case you want to talk to someone about your options, salary negotiations etc..
  9. Over the last 3 years, we’ve rolled out offers to hundreds of developers, and our last candidate just joined a company in Australia through us (yes, we have openings outside India too).
  10. And lastly, we’re not pushy. You can relax and find a job at your own leisure. No one is going to call you or push you to move forward with companies. Your pace, your companies, your code. Full control with you.

This covers most of our USPs. Now what do you think will appeal to you as a developer? What do you think we should focus on in communicating to our target audience of kick-ass developers?

Sneha and I have a goal of connecting with 50 developers in the next few weeks to get feedback. If you’re open to a brief chat, mail us at

One of the early versions of our home page
And this is what we have now