“dr.daDDa, i thinking you and you coming here…hundred years for you”
“prof.dr.heDDa, any one things serious. why asking me coming soon?”
“you relaxing dr.daDDa no urgent matter only tiny things to talking”
“any new thing responsibility prof.dr.heDDa?”
“no nothing like that but yes little little like that only”
“i thanking you so much prof.dr.heDDa. you giving me so much new things”
“you are good fellow dr.daDDa. that is because i giving you one small thing”
“giving me more prof.dr.heDDa i always wanting more”
“yes yes i telling you i becoming very busy. so i giving my one student to you”
“one more student me?”
“i knowing you guarantee hearing me. that is one lady fellow what name she..”
“prof.dr.heDDa, you tell i taking that lady fellow subbi??”
“correct dr.daDDa. you knowing her by already now. then good thing for me”
“she asking lot number questions all times. i having pedda. he working good only”
“no dr.daDDa, you needing more students i telling you subbi is mine best good student”
“but her working and my areas interested too much very different so what doing now”
“that is why i calling you dr.daDDa. what you doing now i telling. I writing to university for transfered student subbi to you guide. i also writing university that i transfer my research working interest areas to you and you saying yes”
“you doing like that i very happy prof.dr.heDDa. you doing transfer and that i taking your student and research working areas interests”

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