Nirman Viviana flat-buyers: Is your 1 BHK really only a 1 RK?

Mumbai, 30th May 2018: Investors who booked a 1BHK flat in Viviana project of Nirman Realtors & Developers Ltd (NRDL) should go back and verify that it is actually a 1BHK. The fear is that it will probably be just a 1RK i.e. one-room-kitchen apartment, because, out of five blocks of Nirman Viviana, the first four blocks have only 1RK flats. Only Block 5 has 42 flats in 1BHK configuration. There is ample proof to suggest that Nirman has deliberately created the false impression in the minds of its flat-buyers that their flat is a 1 BHK.

RERA website shows that Nirman intends to deliver one-room-kitchen flats to all flat-buyers in Viviana Block 1 to 4. It is therefore amazing that Nirman Viviana (and Nano City) were continually advertised as 1 BHK projects during the past 2–3 years at least.

One ad claimed that Viviana was “1BHK flats only”:

This advertisement has been falsely claiming for years that the entire Nirman Viviana project has “1 BHK flats only”.

This advertisement is false on two counts. Firstly, Nirman Nano City doesn’t
have even one single 1BHK; it is all 1RK flats. And secondly, four out of
the five blocks of Nirman Viviana has only 1RK apartments. Only
Block 5 of Viviana has 1BHK apartments.

See what RERA website says about Viviana:

VIVIANA — BLOCK 1 P52000006083

According to Nirman declaration on RERA website, Viviana Block 1 has 27 flats of 1RK, and zero 1 BHK flats. Eight of these flats have been booked, according to Nirman’s declaration to RERA.

VIVIANA — BLOCK 2 P52000012071

Viviana Block 2 has 24 flats with 1RK, and zero flat with 1BHK.

Number of flats booked is zero, according to Nirman.

VIVIANA — BLOCK3 P52000007537

Viviana Block 3 has 18 flats with 1RK, and zero flat with 1BHK. No. of booked flats is 13, according to Nirman.

VIVIANA — BLOCK 4 P52000007121

Viviana Block 3 has 24 flats with 1RK, and zero flat with 1BHK. No. of booked flats is 1, according to Nirman.

VIVIANA — BLOCK 5 P52000006209

Viviana Block 5 has 42 flats of 1BHK, and 6 flats of 1RK. No. of booked flats is zero, according to Nirman.

Nirman has declared before RERA that only 22 of the 141 flats in Viviana project have been booked, and not even one 1BHK has been booked. All the booked flats are 1RK, says Nirman’s RERA declaration. So, if any Viviana investor believes that he has booked a 1BHK flat, especially in Block 1 to 4, he is probably a victim of false advertising and deliberate mis-selling.

The implications of false advertising and mis-selling will be felt not only by the customers of Nirman, but by their investors also. Nirman has declared on RERA website that “Ravi Construction” (presumably Ravi Construction Pvt Ltd?) is an investor in Viviana Block 1, “Lifestyle Builders and Developers” (this one?) is an investor in Block 2, Girish Realtors Pvt Ltd is an investor in Block 4, and Shree Ashapura Group is an investor in Block 5. How these investors (co-promoters in the eyes of RERA) will be impacted by Nirman’s actions remains to be seen.

Krishnaraj Rao

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