Wait-for-it + Docker Compose

Krishna Regmi
May 14 · 2 min read

Docker compose is a very useful tool that allows you to deploy multiple docker images together. Below is an example

  • Database (eg Postgres, Mongo etc)
  • Backend (eg API service)
  • Client (eg Nginx )

In most cases you will require one service to be up before you can run another. Docker-compose provides you a helpful tag called depends_on , which ensures that one container runs before the other. Lets see an example of this:

However, in our example, backend might take 1 second to run, and postgres that it depends on being available might take 10 seconds. Docker-compose’s depends_on will run the containers in sequence, but docker-compose has no way of knowing when the postgres service is actually ready to receive requests.

In these types of situations it’s helpful to use a wait-for-it. https://github.com/vishnubob/wait-for-it

Its a helpful tool that lets you wait for another service to be ready. Example usage is as follows:

I hope this was helpful. Please see references for detailed usage.


Krishna Regmi

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A tech-savvy creator type — leading change through data-driven decisions, and customer-first mentality.

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