Invisible braces:

Nobody will know you’re even wearing them.

Aloe vera gel:

For those sickly pimples

Dotting your forehead.

Slim belts to help banish

Folds of fat.

Gold jewelry:

Open the doors for the Goddess of Wealth.

Silk scarves and stoles:

You need to look fashionable,

Keep up with the neighbors next door.

Screams, all of them,

Constantly echoing in your mind.

Have you tried silencing them?

Have you ever listened to yourself,

That tiny voice, drowning

In the flood unleashed by those screams?

Have you sat down,

And realized that

You are good enough

For yourself?

I wish you would love yourself a little more,

The real you, hiding behind all those screams

Is thirsty for just a little more kindness,

A little more respect,

A little more compassion.