The Slanted Cross

#NaPoWriMo #Day6

Long before Vasco da Gama 
Landed on the Malabar Coast,
St Thomas had been there:
He performed miracles, spread the faith,
And met his untimely end in Mylapore.
Then the Portuguese arrived,
First as traders of calico and pepper,
And then they usurped the Zamorin’s throne.
As rulers, they looted and plundered,
Much like the rest of India’s myriad conquerors.
They robbed Malabar off her wealth,
They attempted to belittle her past,
They wanted to steal the cultural identity of her people 
What made them them.
The carefully preserved legacy of St Thomas
Had now to be replaced by a new allegiance to Rome.
And then the rebellion rose.
Thousands of the faithful 
Thronged to the cross at Mattancherry.
They couldn’t all touch the cross 
To solemnly swear upon it, and so
They lassoed it,
Tugging the ropes with all their might.
The iron cross became slanted,
Weighed by the fervent chants,
Pledging they would never surrender.
The iron cross became slanted,
But it still stands tall -
The last vestige of a land
That refused to cower before insolent might.