Why we need Feminism

Remember the lady who’d come home to help clean the house on weekends? She once declared that her husband was such a good man that in their 30 years of married life, he never once slapped her. We still live in a society where it is considered perfectly acceptable, normal even, for a man to hit his wife. Some men have bad tempers. They just cannot help it. It’s spoken of as if it is any other habit. For instance, just like I keep missing my alarm every morning, he cannot help control his anger.

Remember the time you wanted to wear shorts because it was so unpleasantly humid? You were given an hours’ lecture on how ‘decent girls’ don’t go prancing around, wearing clothes like that. It’s always about the clothes. “What was she wearing? If it’s not shorts, it must be because she didn’t have a dupatta.”

Remember the time the neighbor next door asked when your parents were planning to get you married? Because it isn’t enough that you’re educated, well employed, and independent. Your career, your goals, your plans, are of no interest to any of them. After all, you’re just a girl, and whatever you have achieved in 24 years fades away if you’re still unmarried.

Remember the time a prospective partner told you that he would allow you to work after marriage? Allow? As if he was doing you a big favor by giving you his blessing to continue working for a position you slogged all your life for!

Remember numerous families that consider themselves complete only after the birth of a son? Remember the snide remarks thrown at you when you confessed that you’ve never been a great cook? Remember the lewd glances thrown at you every time you walked down the street?

Stand up for what you believe in, and you will be termed bossy, stubborn, arrogant. You’re told to be less aggressive, display some vulnerability, because nobody likes a woman that is too confident, too strong.

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