This argument is completely wrong — it is so wrong that I am perplexed as to how such an…
Fred Hapgood

Let us consider the areas which you assume are not automatable.

Apart from religion — which, based on belief in some God can me taken as based on “faith” — most of the other areas are very much based on some logical / reason-based subject.

Homoeo is certainly NOT faith based. It has its own set of measures, rules, etc.

Astrology is very much based on the study of astronomical objects, their movements and impact on humans based on patterns in the sky and their correlation to earthly/human events. This too is very measurable and a number of astrologists, numerologists, etc have built computer-based models to churn out “charts” at much higher speeds than before.

While many of these so-called “alternative” subjects are fronted by human “experts”, they are already mostly using software based systems (based on their knowledge) — expert systems, if you will — to generate their output, which they embellish sometimes with their personal commentary to make it appear customized.

As I said, most of us Luddites like to make vague sounds about the many things we deem not automatable, but the data as well as logical reasoning backing the assertions are fairly thin on the ground.

These sound more like desperate hope that somehow many of the things humans do today cannot be substituted by intelligent, aware machines. We must also remember that the AI models created today are still in their early stage of evolution and better ones are being built as we discuss.

Sooner, rather than later, these “huge number of jobs that cannot be automated” will, to the surprise of many who refuse to see it, will “suddenly” be done better by machines. Matter of time.