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Sowmya Gopal

Hari Om!

My favorite paragraph: The secret is revealed in this stanza: “Practice equanimity of mind (samacittatvam).” While living in the world, desirable and undesirable happenings will float down upon the stream of time to meet us, and, in all these vicissitudes, to learn to remain unshaken is the “practice of even mindedness” advised here. The external world of objects and happenings can disturb us only when we have the positive or the negative vasanas in ourselves. Objects conducive to our existing vasanas will attract us and objects contrary to our vasanas will repel us. In order to develop the mental equipoise, one must strive to filter away from one’s mind all the existing vasanas. This is accomplished through (1) dedicated action; (2) devotion to the Lord; (3) service of mankind; (4) contemplation upon the Highest; and (5) constant study and reflection.

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